Amazon introduces new quality control policies at Kindle Direct Publishing

Here is an interesting article that addresses–with a level head–the recent new policies at Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. It seems that Amazon’s intent is benign and actually will benefit ebook authors using their services.

No, Amazon Will Not Penalize Your Book for a Typo

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3 thoughts on “Amazon introduces new quality control policies at Kindle Direct Publishing

  1. In the beginning of e-publishing, I was fearful that it would go the way of public comments – lowest common denominator. But, as I should have expected, it turns out that there is a lot of money to be made, and the competition has kept the bar up pretty high. This recent move on Amazon’s part is a step in the right direction in my opinion.


  2. I got stuck on the blog post’s mistaken hyphen, a few sentences in: “Share the first poorly-researched blog post you can find!” Later there is another mistaken hyphen after an adjective that ends with “ly” and modifies an adjective. Funny to encounter on an article about Amazon starting up copyedit policing.


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