Welcome to your best index.

BEST-EVER INDEX offers subject-savvy indexing of general trade books as well as scholarly music & arts texts.

Experience-based focus on these specialty subject areas:

    classical, contemporary classical, rock/pop, Americana, folk and traditional, performance, recording, composing, theory
    organic gardening, fruit growing, composting, cooking, home food preservation, home brewing
    organic, regenerative, sustainable, market gardening, micro farming
  • SMALL BUSINESS AND E-COMMERCE TOPICS related to the above subject areas


“When readers in bookstores browse indexes of similar titles, Daniel’s index will surely pull readers into its book and convince them to choose that title over a competing title.”
Kari Kells


  • UC Berkeley Extension trained indexer and copy editor
  • Master of Music degree in music composition
  • 30 plus years of composing, performing, and recording various musical genres
  • 20 plus years of organic gardening, cooking, and home food preservation
  • 14 years as importer/US distributor of a European food preservation device

Please see my profile at the American Society for Indexing.

Feel free to contact me with questions and for a quote.