In author queries, write to an audience of one.

“Write to an audience of one.” That is excellent advice. I picked it up here: 4 Tips to help you write with clarity and substance. (by Gregory Ciotti, marketing at Help Scout) It’s funny, but I think I write to myself. Or, at least, a caricature of myself. Perhaps picturing someone else as my audienceContinue reading “In author queries, write to an audience of one.”

Copy Editor – Author Communications: Humor? Emogees? ;-p

As a rule, I keep my communications with my authors cordial and professional (I’m the cat). I try to avoid lengthy explanations or inquiries and try to keep things as simple as possible. If I find myself falling into the role of educator I stop to reconsider my approach. Taking time to drill down toContinue reading “Copy Editor – Author Communications: Humor? Emogees? ;-p”