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“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Daniel Heila as an indexer. His innate indexing abilities are obvious from the first glance at his indexes. I recently peer reviewed an index of his and found that the only real problem with the index was that it was so strong that I didn’t have many suggestions for improving it. Authors of works that Daniel indexes will appreciate his ability to reflect their voice in the index entries while bridging the gap between authors’ and readers’ terminology.”

Kari Kells, Index West

“As a fellow indexer, I recognize in Daniel all the qualities that make him an excellent choice for anyone looking for an indexer who can create a top-notch product in a timely, professional, and pleasant manner. His indexes will maximize the connections between a book’s contents and its readers. His attention to detail and indexing best practices, his conscientious work ethic, and his noteworthy problem-solving skills will help any job result in a successful outcome. I heartily recommend Daniel!”

Sam Arnold-Boyd, Cascade Indexing



“I hired Daniel’s service to edit a project that is very close to me. His expertise, responsiveness, feedback, and professionalism made my experience very positive. His rates were very reasonable as well. I plan on hiring Daniel for my next project. Thank you, Daniel!”

Joseph Cowles, author of the memoir Broken

“Daniel’s copy editing has become an integral part of my writing process. Daniel is organized, professional, and extremely detail oriented. His feedback is always spot on, both in his knowledge of the written word and his understanding of the subject matter. As a writer, I count on a talented editor to make me look good… and Daniel does just that.”

Colleen Schaan, writer and designer

“Daniel is articulate and invested in the success of my outcome. He takes the time to fully understand a project’s end goal which makes him so much more than just an editor. He has never once missed a deadline and knows exactly what to ask so there will be no surprises in the end. What would I do without Daniel!”

Laurie Chamberlin, freelance creativity and solutions professional

“In the spring of 2015, I retained Daniel as an editor for my academic book project. The material brought forward pressures of content and time that not every editor would be able to address well. I sought a professional who could confront challenges calmly while thinking flexibly and editing clearly. After considering three editors, I selected Daniel. Our intense textual work continued for over two months, and I had no reason to regret my choice.

Daniel Heila would be an asset for any project or group. He has the ability to see within and around an intellectual demand while tempering it with an experience of the world and a set of crafted skills. He combines a balance of leadership and participation which I have personally enjoyed through our work.”

Katrina Swendseid-Ang, author

“I recently engaged Daniel to copyedit my manuscript, The Whiteaker Bounce, a novel uploaded for print‑on‑demand sale with Amazon in July of 2015.

I found Daniel to be thorough and professional throughout all stages of the project from complete copyediting of the manuscript to assistance with conversion of the document to the final successful upload for both e-book and print versions.

As we worked together, he made himself freely available to me for question and answer sessions and was often willing to alter his schedule to fit my needs. With humor, confidence, and an easy manner, Daniel calmly guided me through the process of sending my first novel out to the world. He also contributed many creative ideas which we incorporated into the story.

I found it very enjoyable working with him, and I believe that any literary project would indeed benefit from his involvement.”

Bernard Yandel, author of The Whiteaker Bounce



“In his very first stories (one preview, one review) for Oregon Arts Watch, Daniel Heila delivered: on time, on target for word count, and with well-written, appropriately contextualized stories that required almost no editing and told our readers what they needed to know about performances that they otherwise might have overlooked.”

Brett Campbell, editor, Oregon Arts Watch

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