PNW Ergonomics Workstation Tour

PNW Fall Virtual Meeting September 26, 2020
Ergonomics with a “Tour” of Workstations

PNW ergonomics handout PDF version

Station #1 essentials:
• two-desk setup with comfortable office chair that swivels
• two monitors
• paperless workflow with PDF on monitor and marking with iPad Pro
• footrest – her favorite!
• Microsoft ergonomic keyboard
• Microsoft ergonomic mouse

Station #2 essentials:
• flexible desk allows sit-down or stand-up positions, plus a side desk
• two-monitor setup with flexible Lenova laptop and larger Dell monitor
• uses art books to get monitors raised to the right height
• comfortable high-back office chair that swivels
• Logitech ergonomic mouse
• keyboard has numeric keypad on the left to minimize shoulder movement (with mouse closer to the alphabetic keys)
• footrest for sitting and standing
• cat-friendly

Station #3 essentials:
• computer desk and marking desk opposite each other
• Fellowes stand for text in front of monitor; no need to look to the side
• Logitech MX Master ergonomic mouse
• Fellowes Microban keyboard on tray that pulls out from beneath the desk • adjustable Uncaged Ergonomics Reading Stand for marking • Newhouse Gooseneck Touch Dimmable LED Desk Lamps—very adjustable! • prescription computer glasses, blue-light-filtering (Costco)

Station #4 essentials:
• desk setup with two monitors and keyboard tray
• Microsoft natural keyboard on tray…
• Humanscale adjustable keyboard tray that mounts under the work surface. She can push the tray under the work surface so it is completely out of the
way when she’s not using the keyboard. It also adjusts in height and angle.
• vertical mouse, which alleviated “mouse shoulder”
• desk chair with good support and foot rest
• editor’s desk to hold papers, which alleviates a stiff neck

Station #5 essentials:
• stand-up desk setup
o made from a former dining table,
o uses plastic crate to raise monitor to right height
o uses leaves from the dining table and boards to raise keyboard to right height
o user stands up 95% of the time and uses a drafting chair when she sits
o sitting has the problem of where to put her legs.
• a thick mat as a cushion for standing
• support socks and insoles
• Logitech ergonomic keyboard
• brace for repetitive motion syndrome (needed very seldom because the angles of the setup work well)
• office glasses
• cheap gloves with fingers cut out, for warmth

Station #6 essentials:
• desk with laptop tray that allows sitting or standing
• uses large monitor for PDF and index (Cindex)
• uses laptop for the LOC name authority or other Googling and a note program for queries to the author/editor
• beautiful sunshine is great for photography but gives too much glare for indexing
• uses plastic bin to raise monitor for standing position • keyboard tray (from 3M, model KP100LE) pulls up for standing position and can be in flat or angled positions
• space to the right of the keyboard tray provides room for sitting when using the laptop
• keyboard trays that swivel are available
• opposite desk is mini indexing library, printer, and curtain as partition between two work areas (needed while everyone is working from home in COVID-19 times)

Station #7 essentials:
• standup desk (purchased at IKEA)
• comfortable bar chair with back that swivels for sitting option while still stretching legs (purchased through Wayfair)
• uses firesafe as footrest option when sitting
• uses rolling board as option for standing up
• usually uses printouts
• uses laptop for both PDF and indexing software; opens browser and note program when needed; single laptop allows for moving indexing station to other locations in house (necessary during recovery from foot surgery when foot needed elevation) or outside
• LEVKEY ergonomic mouse
• essential oil diffuser with favorites eucalyptus or lavender

Other resources:
Find a link to an office ergonomics self-assessment at “Office Ergonomics” at Yale University’s Environmental Health and Safety:

On this same website, scroll down to Tools and Resources for more great links including guidance for setting up a home office, using helpful posture, stretching, workstation ergonomics, and sitting/standing.

Here’s an article about the sitting/standing question:
Harvard Health blog “The Truth Behind Standing Desks”

Footrest: Member’s Mark Ergonomic Comfort Anti-Slip adjustable footrest. Available on Amazon

Chair: TemperPedic 9000. Available at Staples. Comes in multiple colors.

Vari products: monitor stand with adjustable laptop tray and arm and Vari Chair at