What is a reasonable rate?

With all the variables that impact the act of copyediting–how difficult is the text, are there foot- or endnotes, is the client an ESL author, is the schedule restrictive, etc.–coming up with an appropriate fee can be challenging. The most commonly used methods are by the word, by the page, and by the hour. Each of these has advantages for the editor, and many clients will ask to be charged using one or another of these methods.Continue reading “What is a reasonable rate?”

In author queries, write to an audience of one.

“Write to an audience of one.”

That is excellent advice. I picked it up here:

4 Tips to help you write with clarity and substance. (by Gregory Ciotti, marketing at Help Scout)

It’s funny, but I think I write to myself. Or, at least, a caricature of myself. Perhaps picturing someone else as my audience will bring in some unexpected freshness. There is one pitfall I see here: What if writers only wrote to their colleagues? Actually, that seems to be the norm with academic writers, and academic writing can be fraught with extraneous verbiage. To quote the shared blog post:

“Nothing drags down writing more than spreading good ideas over too many words.”Continue reading “In author queries, write to an audience of one.”

Copy Editor – Author Communications: Humor? Emogees? ;-p


As a rule, I keep my communications with my authors cordial and professional (I’m the cat). I try to avoid lengthy explanations or inquiries and try to keep things as simple as possible. If I find myself falling into the role of educator I stop to reconsider my approach. Taking time to drill down to the actual issue of a query can save much time and energy in advance. This being said, a dry, unemotional voice is not my aim, and I am fairly free with supporting comments and positive observations.Continue reading “Copy Editor – Author Communications: Humor? Emogees? ;-p”

Amazon introduces new quality control policies at Kindle Direct Publishing

Here is an interesting article that addresses–with a level head–the recent new policies at Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. It seems that Amazon’s intent is benign and actually will benefit ebook authors using their services.

No, Amazon Will Not Penalize Your Book for a Typo

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