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BEST-EVER Edit and Index offers copyediting and line editing services for fiction and nonfiction writers that preserve the author’s voice as well as subject-savvy indexing of general trade books and scholarly/academic titles (please inquire about services not listed here).

Editing and Indexing
Fiction: YA; action and adventure; romance; LGBTQ+; contemporary fiction; short story
Nonfiction: memoirs (personal and professional); history; religious/spiritual; academic texts


    classical, contemporary classical, rock/pop, Americana, folk and traditional, performance, recording, composing, theory, pedagogy
    organic gardening, fruit growing, pruning, composting, cooking, home food preservation, home brewing, maintenance, DIY and maker
    organic, regenerative, sustainable, market gardening, no-dig, micro-farming
    raising boys, nontraditional relationships, house husbanding, working from home

“When readers in bookstores browse indexes of similar titles,
Daniel’s index will surely pull readers into its book
and convince them to choose that title over a competing title.”
Kari Kells


  • UC Berkeley Extension copyediting certificate
  • 20-plus years of performative and narrative fiction authorship
  • Master of Music degree
  • 30-plus years of composing, performing, and recording in various musical genres
  • 20-plus years of organic gardening, cooking, and home food preservation
  • 14 years as an importer/US distributor of a European food preservation device

Feel free to contact me with questions and for a quote.

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